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Assembly And Packaging

Assembly and packaging play a crucial role in delivering exceptional products to customers. Meticulous assembly ensures that each component fits seamlessly, guaranteeing the product’s functionality and reliability. With keen attention to detail, packaging protects items during transit and showcases them attractively on shelves. This efficient process ensures that customers receive products in pristine condition, leaving a lasting impression of quality and professionalism.

Plastic department :

• Automated cutting bench for cutting fabrics
• 8x triple transport Dürkopp-Adler sewing machines for heavy fabrics
• 10 linear JUKI stitching machines
• Welding machine bench 1.5 m x 6 m sliding bench
• Welding machine HF -15kW
• A 16x3m automatic cutting table equipped with a rotating cutting blade
• 2x die cutting machine, bench 2 m x 0.6 m