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Our History

Forging Excellence in Metal Components

DELD is a leading manufacturer specializing in precision metal components. With a relentless commitment to excellence, we utilize cutting-edge technology and skilled craftsmanship to deliver superior products. Trust us for durable and reliable metal components that meet your exact specifications.

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Who We Are

DELD initially started its activity in the production of aluminum shutters, blinds and mosquito nets.
Then it expanded its activity in the production of plastic and metal components of accessories for shutters and mosquito nets, taking a place in the leaders of Albanian industrial production.
This expansion of activity enabled the relocation of its headquarters to an industrial object of its own.

Consequently, always aiming for innovation and quality in production, the textile production lines and the the metal and plastic production divisions were added.
This development enabled the expansion into further industrial facilities.
DELD reached large production capacities that covered demand and exports in the Balkan region and expanded to further European and worldwide markets.

The prestige of DELD as a punctual, qualitative and competitive manufacturer partner created the possibility of partnerships with well-known firms such as Periso, Fip industrial, Giobert and the most notable partnerships with EMU Group for outdoor furniture and M2R for
metal processing.
With the creation of the sewing division, the expansion of the metal division, and the creation of moulding constructing division, DELD is becoming a leader in the region in manufacturing for third parties and enabling the conditions to meet every challenge.

Moulding construction division
Expansion of metal division
Sewing division
Cooperations with EMU and M2R
Metal division
Second industrial object
Injection moulding division
Textile division
New industrial object
First injection moulding machine
DELD sh.p.k is founded